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About Witchcraft District Bazaar

The moniker,Witchcraft District, for weird Poughkeepsie was first coined by Magister Joe Netherworld, who was renowned as a Witch, Tarot Reader, and Creator across New York, in Salem, Mass., and far beyond. His influence and legend lives on in the hearts and minds of numerous individuals and the legacy of his House of Netherworld also continues on here in the Witchcraft District.

Renee & Storm Anderson in front of Art on You Studios
Magister Joe Netherworld

Gradually, others were attracted to "Weird Poughkeepsie", its essentricities, the Haunted Hudson Valley, the magic of the forest where this town is nestled and the array of beautiful creatures that live within it, and of course, the fellow Witches. As the moniker endured, evolved, and continued to garner attention, it only seemed fitting that the Witchcraft District have its own distinctive placard. Experienced Designer and Witchcraft District resident, Falon Eduard Blutig used her skill and talent to create a wonderful and perfectly fitting plaque that may now be seen on many homes in the area.

Renee & Storm Anderson in front of Art on You Studios
Withcraft District Cultural Discovery Sign displayed on The Black House,
Witchcraft District, Poughkeepsie.

Priestess Renee M. Anderson and Reverend A.W. Storm Anderson founded Art on You Studios on October 17, 2009 on Historic Magna Main in Magna, Utah. There, they operated the tattoo shop successfully for a decade becoming a staple in the community, holding public offices, hosting community events, spearheading a gigantic festival, and became known as "The Queen and King of Halloween". During those ten years the Andersons had always been open about being Witches, and they were widely accepted in the community and surrounding area as such.

After their 10th Wedding Anniversary and Halloween getaway to Salem, Massachusetts in 2013, the duo came home with a mutual feeling to one day move to the East where so much resonated with them. That same resonance was evoked during their trip to Poughkeepsie in 2016 to attend the CoS 50th Anniversary Conclave, and yet again when they returned to Poughkeepsie and Salem during Halloween Season in 2018. They knew one day in the future The Witchcraft District was going to become the place where they'd find and live in their forever home while operating a unique establishment utilizing their experiences as Business Owners, Witches, Artists, and Community Leaders.

Renee & Storm Anderson in front of Art on You Studios
Priestess Renee M. Anderson and Reverend A.W. Storm Anderson,
Witches, Artists, and Co-Owners of Witchcraft District Bazaar and AoY.

2020 brought Magna residents the Covid-19 pandemic, a massive earthquake, a dead racoon that was found in the local water supply, and insane sociopolitical times that included a huge protest ending in riot in downtown Salt Lake City that's just a short distance from Magna. All of that on top of the ongoing challenges of poor air quality in the Salt Lake Valley. While it wasn't seemingly the most ideal of times to make the move they ultimately wanted to make in their future, the Andersons felt the universe was saying, "Now, GO!" 

By the beginning of August, 2020, the Andersons had made their way across the country with the assistance of their eldest daughter and her wife, and their granddaughter to what they call their "in-betweener" to their dream home here in The Witchcraft District. Presently, the power couple is working diligently on a permanent, brick and mortar location that will include Witchcraft District branded items, witchy creations, witchcraft supplies, magically charged artworks, and Art on You inside the shop providing magically healing tattoos and original, custom tattoos.
Until then, there are an array of items in their Etsy store with more being regularly added, so surf over to check those out now! Witchy items, creations, magical artworks, and so much more for personal use and collections or as gifts can be found!